This year Galucho celebrates its centenary.

To mark the date, a special, limited and numbered edition was designed made up of some of the most important equipment for Galucho in the agricultural and transport areas, called – Galucho BLACK EDITION (MG24, NGVR, NA2CP, PB, SGB3). “The celebration of the company centenary deserved that a special series of some of the most representative products of our range be produced, both in the agricultural and in the transport area. This limited edition aims to reward in some way the loyalty of our main clients, offering them a differentiated, limited and historical product. We chose to use our base colour of orange again, but with a special focus on black, recovering the colour Galucho used until the end of the 1970s,” says José Justino, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

On 14 July (Galucho’s anniversary date) a small event took place to deliver BLACK EDITION equipment to clients.

For Jorge Carvalho (Commercial Director Agricultural Area) “This event brought us even closer to our partners. The presence of our clients in this historic day for the company demonstrates the lasting and healthy connection that exists. Without our clients the 100 years of activity would not be possible”.

In the transport area, Nuno Gama Lobo (Operations, Management, Business and Finance Director) considers that “this was a very important event to maintain the strong commercial relationship with our Clients and also to thank many of them for the partnership developed over the years. It also served to demonstrate Galucho’s ability to produce equipment of very high quality, functionality and durability in this which is a Business area that has developed new technical solutions. Today, it has a revitalized range that will be a strong investment of the company in the coming years”.